Right now the weather is…

Hey Inspiring Souls

Todays post is one in the 3 areas I was talking about in this post. It focuses on being in the moment..

It’s a simple question really, but that is the point of many of these questions on being mindful, it pulls you into the moment and helps you notice things that would otherwise pass us by much of the time.

Right now the weather is…  Describe this in as much detail as you can, emotions, colors feelings whatever.. We often say it’s cold, it’s sunny just using one word to sort of sum it up.

I will start ;-D right now the weather is..

Crisp, peaceful, calm, cold, the calm before the storm, dry, fading to black..

This is one of the many questions in my Journey to Mindfulness Journal, you can find out more here.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


One response to “Right now the weather is…

  1. Rainy, gloomy, cold, and a little whimsical. Peaceful, quiet, calming.

    Right now the weather is a perfect end to the week I’ve had and is comforting.

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