How to Organize Magazine Clippings..

Hey Creative Souls!

I have been collecting magazine clippings for years now. And in that time I have had different systems. I used to just keep articles, recipes or things like that to reference and put them in binders. I still do, but i have added to the stuff I pull out of magazines. So I realized a while ago that I needed to do something different in the way I organized them. I have a magazine obsession, so it’ easy for it to get out of control. I tried a few things over the last few months, and frankly it didn’t work for long.  So I came up with a new system, while working with in my habits a bit and I really like this system. I am going to give you the breakdown in this post.

For stuff I am keeping for collage and for my binders, I have a spiral bound folder of about 6+ pockets, like this. Mine are from Target and have a cute pattern on the front, but you get the idea.

One is for magazine clippings that go somewhere else ( though some really could stay in the file, but I like my binder system) So one has categories that match all but a few of the categories i have for binders to keep this stuff to look up longer term.

-Creative Projects ( DIY, how to etc.. )



-Personal Growth

-Quotes ( I am starting a quotes journal to put these into)

-Products, Sites to check out

-Inspiration ( this goes into the Inspiration Journal I have mentioned before, more on that in another post soon!)

The other is for magazine clippings i am going to use for collage. I have those in categories as well ( see top image)

-I used the same type of folder I mention above and for the labels, I use masking tape for both. You could use something cuter, but that is what I had on hand and it does the job. It just struck me you could use tabs too. Categories:




-Hands, Feet, Eyes..



This makes it super easy when dividing them all up after ripping them out of the magazines. I just slip them in to the correct category and I am done!

Here is a peek at my creative space in my small apartment

BEFORE: My attempt to do the same sort of thing, but with file folders.. it quickly got out of control and mixed up.


AFTER ( there is still room for another folder like the one in there since I have a lot of it!)

Hope this helps with your magazine clippings.. For me it’s at least a better system to keep them under control. I still need to go through them every now and again to clean up what no longer inspires me or has served it’s purpose!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


PS: Look for part 2 in how inspiration hunting can help you get to know you, that should be coming in the next 3-4 days max, at least that is my plan, it’s one of those things you know in your head, but trying to explain it the way you really want to is not coming as easy!

Heave a great weekend everyone!


6 responses to “How to Organize Magazine Clippings..

  1. you are an organizing maven!! i love it. love reading all your notes and thoughts put toward everything having its own space, pocket, folder…

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  5. I am just like you! I was looking for a way to keep my magazine articles. I didn’t want to use page protectors (that takes too long and they can get expensive after a while), I thought about using an idea from another organizer (gluing the articles onto paper)…but, I can see where that would be very time consuming and could get messy looking. THIS IS PERFECT! I am so glad I found your idea. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!

    • toliveinspired

      Crista, Thanks for stopping by! I am so glad you liked this idea. I hope it works for you and have fun with it! I do have a large Sketchbook that I glue or paperclip in the articles I really want to keep longer term. But this works fairly well for me in general to ref stuff and to file away for collaging and look up later!

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