Building Self-Confidence..

Hey Inspiring Souls..

I have been doing a yoga dvd that I love, and the teacher on there says a line in the midst of the sequences about showing up for yourself..  This line captures my attention every single time. It’s a formula for building self-confidence, though it’s simple in concept, it’s not easy.. I think it’s something we all struggle with, at least I know I do..

We build self-confidence with Self Trust,  by consistently showing up for ourselves– Ashley Turner

she goes on to say something to the effect of it’s most important to show up for yourself when you least feel like it!

Self trust is when we promise ourselves something and we follow through. I have to say it’s so easy to say to yourself I am going to…. I will often say things like that in a moment of frustration. But I don’t follow through. I think we are more careful and better with follow through when it comes to promising other people, but when it comes to ourselves we often don’t keep our promises.  When someone you are dealing with promises you something over and over and does not follow though, you lose confidence in their word right? It’s the same thing with yourself.

Some tips in building up that self-trust and in turn self-confidence.

-Try to be mindful of what you say to yourself and promise to yourself

-When you do  notice what you are promising yourself, check in and break it down to “bite size” pieces ( steps) we often expect to go from 0-65 in a second, sometimes we just need to break it down and with each step we accomplish we build up self-trust and confidence

-Make a list of where you have kept your promise and built up self-confidence , celebrate it!

Lets build up our trust and confidence by showing up for ourselves in our own lives where we really feel called to do so.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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