How to.. Create a Dream and Goal Journal

Hey Creative Souls!

I recently started a  journal to document all my dreams and goals of all different sizes.

I actually started this as a binder, but when I saw the smash journal I knew it would be a fun and perfect way to document my dreams and goals in a creative way! ( and the fact that I am slightly obsessed with this line of journals and goodies to go with it this just  gave me another justification to buy more!)

I will get to the how to in just a moment.. First I want to touch on the benefits of doing something like this.

-It is a great way to have all of your dreams and goals in one place, to see your progress , themes etc

-It opens you up to dream bigger

-It is one easy place to go to so you can check in with your dreams and goals.

I started writing in my visual journal recently some bigger dreams I have had and decided I wanted one place to capture them. And so it began..

Here is how to create a Dreams and Goals journal ( or if  you like a binder)

-Choose a journal or a binder to put them into, make it something that makes you happy that seems like it will work for what you want to put in it. I needed something where I could have some pockets ( I created a few in my smash journal) where I could add in some other pages and articles from magazines ( in this case I could glue some but I used little binder clips or paper clips)

-Think about the sections you want ( if you do) I put tabs on mine separated into the following tabs:

*Dreams ( just a free for all, no time frame, limit just a let it all out dreams section)

*1-5 year goals and dreams

*10 year goals and dreams

*B.H.A.G ( Big hairy  a** goals) for the things that you know you want to do, but seem so far off or big that you just can’t put a date on them.. yet!

-Allow yourself to have some time to play in this journal/binder. To dream, with some time lines in mind and some dreams with no limits ( time or otherwise)

-Tune in, to articles, things you always say i would love to or I wish I could.. and see if those fit into your new dream and goal “catch all”

I would love if you shared what you create with me, or some dreams and goals you have..

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



4 responses to “How to.. Create a Dream and Goal Journal

  1. I have been searching for something to help me out as I am doing the same thing with a Smash Book (I’m also obsessed with these books too lol). So thank you for the tips!

  2. I haven’t started a specific dream/goal journal. I was sitting outside watching the moon and stars and just allowed myself to dream…and I was so overwhelmed with how many things I “want” to do, accomplish, complete, design, develop, enjoy, experience!! So I did this search and found you. Thanks for the ideas. And I’ll try to come back and fill in all the journaling experiences I trust will be mine soon.

    • That is awesome! Being in that dreaming space is so amazing just to allow it.. I am glad you found this helpful and here is to your dreams unfolding beautifully!

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