A week in the life Prep, plan and thoughts..

Hey Creative Souls!

I mention in my 35 while 35  list  that I want to do a what’s called “A week in the Life” I learned about this through Ali Edwards blog, she does this project once a year and a bunch of people join in. Here is the info for all of it.

I had thought about doing this last year, but I decided I was not really going to stick with it since I was having issues keeping up with my project 365, I am still doing project 365 this year, well sort of, but that is a different post. I just love documenting of all kinds when it comes to life and creativity. I thought it would be such a cool way to have a look into what a week in my life looks like.  The more I thought about it though I realized it’s not just a fun project it’s an exercise in mindfulness, as you are trying to capture different parts of your daily life for an entire week. That can’t help but tune you into noticing things a bit differently. I love thinking of it this way!

I do not scrapbook really, though in some non traditional ways i do, I love to capture memories in words and pictures. But I thought I would do this my way, as she really encourages you to do.

I am using a mini binder, I have some pockets in there to stuff bits of paper, emails and other things i want to put in, I have mini sheet protectors to put some images into. I have fun paper put in there to for notes and images.

I will be using the sheets that Ali Edwards supplies via PDF to capture time, moments, gratitude etc.. I think this is  a project you could do for a day, or a different week if this one does not work for you. Do as much or as little that feels right to you.

I am looking forward to how it all comes out! And the practice/exercise in mindfulness it will bring. I will share the mini album when completed!

Are you working on any projects or joining in anything that is really inspiring you lately?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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