Life and it’s messages..

Hey Wonderful Souls!

I have written about how our life’s always telling us something. If we can slow down and tune in long enough to listen.

This very subject could probably be a whole blog subject itself! But today I just want to explore it a bit more.

The thing is, sometimes the messages are really clear once we slow long enough to listen. Other times it’s like a cryptic message that only we can decipher through listening, patience and some soul TLC. Maybe we just need to notice and not decipher right away (something that for many of us is really hard, we want the clarity like yesterday!)

I am still working on some messages in my life right now, but there are a few that have come to light and some that are seemingly easy and simple to listen and act upon.

One, well two really of mine being that I needed to drink more water and I needed to get back into a regular exercise routine. For me this message showed up in not feeling so great physically, really bad headaches, tummy aches, and in general a lack of energy.

Another way a message showed up for me is one I am actually still sorting through, but it was that I need to blog on a more authentic level. Don’t get me wrong, when I share on here it’s true to what i like, when I share links or images or journal prompts etc.. But there is a  part of me that wants to express myself and share on a more soul, authentic level. I have held that back for fear of well I guess rejection to spend the time pouring my self out to have it echo so to speak as I am there all by myself, or to have people challenge me on it.  So with this post and some others that I am sharing and will share I hope to keep listening to this message and becoming more clear on it.

Life’s messages show up in all sorts of ways, I have shared a few with you, but maybe yours comes in the form an emotional reaction to a song, email, quote or another type of message. Possibly it comes in the form of physical disease, sickness or just physical unrest in some way.

However it shows up, do your self a favor and slow down, get quite and listen.. You will know when it’s time to act upon that message.. Be gentle with yourself where you need to be and give yourself a kick in the pants where you need to..

Here is to listening to life and it’s messages and Living Inspired, Creative , Empowered



2 responses to “Life and it’s messages..

  1. This is something I am experiencing right now — muffled messages, some that are actually clear but I’m being patient and sorting through them…the best messages are worth waiting for!

    • toliveinspired

      I am right on that journey with you.. and patience is not my strong point, but rushing it and forcing it are pointless though hard to resist trying to do sometimes!

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