Done for now.. Journal Prompt

Hey Inspired Souls!

I love books, learning, projects, workbooks, the problem is that I have some of each of those things, started but not finished. It’s one of those things when you look at it, you sigh and think I really need to finish that or I can’t believe I started this so long ago I am so annoyed at myself for not finishing it.  It’s only recently that I “allowed” myself to stop reading  a book I had on my list, if I was not enjoying it or just having trouble getting through it.

So today’s journal prompt is this.. What do you want to declare done for now, or done for good? And just let it go?

When we can either let go of something for good or mindfully say it’s done for now, then we open up to more in our life, maybe not more stuff or money, though maybe it will be one of those, but to more peace, calm, opportunity etc..

Here is to declaring things that are draining our energy ( no matter how great that “thing” is) to declaring them done for now or done for good!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


PS: This thought was inspired by a podcast I heard a while back via Jamie Ridler, not sure what one exactly though!


One response to “Done for now.. Journal Prompt

  1. Heather –

    I love this! As you know I went through a process of being “done” with a LOT of stuff several months ago. Being a book junkie (yeah, it runs in the family! lol) and a self-improvement “junkie” I had SO many books that I “should” read. I realized EACH book represented expectations: expectations of others FOR me, expectations I had of myself, each book that I ultimately released was a “should” that I released as well. No more feeling guilty because I wasn’t becoming a “better” mom/wife/Christian/woman/homemaker/cook/time manager…
    SO freeing!
    Thank you for the reminder! I am going to go through my books and other undone stuff, to see what else I can LET GO! For now, or for good!

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