September Goals and Dreams…

Hey Creative Souls!

Wow, September already I can NOT believe how fast this year is going by.  Every month I try to make a vision board for that month I have not taken the time to do that yet for September (and if I am not careful it will whiz by before I do!) But I have taken the time to think about and create a list of what I want to accomplish and experience in September.

While I do not always (ever?) get done everything that is on my list for each month, the purpose of it for me is to at least try to be a bit more mindful and aware of what each month will hold. I plan my week each Sunday evening and I pull things from my monthly list to help me keep on track!

A few things from my September List..

-Get my first knitting lesson!

-Get 2 self published journals I am working on to the next stage ready for publishing

-Complete a few work projects I have going.

-Sign up for 6 week yoga class at local studio

-Set date for local gathering of creative play

-Do fundraising for the Heart Walk that is happening locally and I am walking in for October

-Sign up for local medical coverage program

-Complete training for virtual volunteering gig.

-Organize my closet

-Craft a rest of 2011 vision/vision board

-Create a Schedule for the months coming up


-Dream check in day

Those are some of mine, what is on your September list?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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