Fear… From my bookshelf

Hey Wonderful Souls! I have a fairly large obsession  collection of books, I love them! And frankly with Borders closing I have collected even more in a short time then I normally would have ( and in that found some real gems!) So I thought I would “bring back” my category of “From My Bookshelf”. I often have this mindset that I have to for each blog post think of something all my own. But while I want to do that a good amount of the time, there is nothing wrong with sharing inspiration that I have found surrounding me in various ways!

I have even started a journal that is for my books, I always fold pages and mark up the book in some way or another for the great lines, quotes , ideas etc.. that I find in books. So I started a journal that can capture those, makes i much more likely I will reference it again.

Hand Wash Cold…care instructions for an ordinary life. by: Karen Maezen Miller.

I am really enjoying this book and was struck by the following quote on fear.

Fear is our first, and if we we’re not careful our last love. It is our most enduring relationship.It never leaves our side.It tells us where to go, what to wear, what to say and what not to say. We surrender all other options to it. Before, after and during most of our relationships, we are concerned above all not with other party but with the fear of what he or she will do…(she goes on to explain the different ways fear can show up)…We are unavailable for any truly loving and fulfilling relationship as long as we are trapped in a committed relationship with the most controlling part of our mind– our fear.

It goes on to say some other interesting things.. And while it references relationships with other people I personally feel that it can be so true for our relationship with our dreams and with the life that we have and the life we want to create.  The thing is, we are going to have fear in many situations, but the point for me is, do we act anyway, do we let it run us, knowingly or not? How committed are we to our fear?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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