Creativity to go…

Hey Creative Souls!

I am working in a larger less portable visual journal then I have in the past, that makes it at times overwhelming to work in, but other times way easier than the smaller ones I have worked in before. I recently have taken to making index card collages, I love using this  way to express myself! So I put together a kit, for those times where I want something really portable and fun to do! So I thought I would share my new little “kit” that I have put together (on the cheap by the way!)  As well as give a few other ideas of how we can take “Creativity to go”!

Here are the things in my kit:

-Coupon sorter ( that you can get at Target in the $1 section) , in there is sorted by paper, type of image, words and random.  In the back are the index cards, I am using 4×6.

– I choose small images/words to be sorted in the categories above from magazines, ads and catalogs.

-Glue stick

-Pen ( this one happens to be a Smash stick, so it’s part glue stick and part pen)

All put in a little pouch and stuffed in my purse!

Really that’s it, super simple and cheap. It’s a great way to have fun projects with you taking up very little room

Some other ideas for “Creativity on the Go” are:

-Have a camera with you at all times ( I use the one on my phone a LOT)

-A journal for ideas, words, poetry , they have lots of tiny journals if you don’t want to carry something too big

-A sketchbook for drawing, collage, random bits

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



One response to “Creativity to go…

  1. Great ideas Heather! I love being creative but feel constrained by time and other activities. This sounds like a wonderful idea for using those moments when you’re between appointments with no time to go home in between. Also you could just take a few extra minutes while you’re out at lunch to do just one card. Fabulous! And it fits right in your purse! Now, if I could just get myself to carry a purse …

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