5 Ways to… To use lists

Hey Inspiring Souls!

I may have mentioned before I really love lists! I know I am not the one! So I thought I would list 5 ways to use lists.

1-To Keep you on track daily, weekly monthly or yearly.

2-To Inspire you into action, remind you what inspires you.

3-To vent, list the things that are annoying you, frustrations let it all out

4-To keep grateful, if you have a list of gratitude to go to when you are having those down days it can give you a nice reminder of all the good even if it feels like there is only bad surrounding you at the moment.

5-To get to know yourself, you can write a list using a prompt to list your values, likes, dislikes, hearts desires, things about you..

I hope this gives you another way to use your lists in a way that will inspire you!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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