Tracking your time- Journal prompt..

Hey Inspiring Souls!

Something that has been on my mind lately is where our time goes? I am wondering that myself sometimes (daily ;-D) The time to post blog posts this last week has been eluding me, well at least I blame it on the time it’s really how I am using the time I have.. That lead me to the fact that I need to make notes about my time and  how it’s used. There are lots of tools for that online and in books. For me for today, I am going to use my journal..

Track for one day what you are spending your time doing. You can put as much detail hour by hour or half hour that you would like. I am going to do that and look at how I am spending my morning, that is for me where the going off track of what I want or need to do that day seems to start.. (or stop rather).  Then I am looking at my list of notes of what I did and being honest with myself what needs to go, what needs to change.. I actually suspect for myself i I start my AM off differently and more focused that it will set a great tone for the rest of the day.

Track a day in as much detail as you feel you would like to do, look over that list are there things that really need to go, need to shift or something else? What really works for you and is a keeper, can it be expanded upon to help keep your day on focus a bit better?(you can of course do that for a few days or a few weeks.. but if that is overwhelming for you start with a day)

If you have any tips or ideas I would love to hear what works for you!

Here is to living Inspired,Creative and Empowered


One response to “Tracking your time- Journal prompt..

  1. Hi, I’ve used this idea when giving workshops and have received lots of favorable responses. Divide a circle into 24 pie shaped segments. Decide what major categories you spend your time on. Some examples are: family, friends, household chores, exercise, work, travel to and from work, sleep etc. Then using different colored pencils color in the appropriate number of segments for each hour spent on that activity. Three hours, three segments. Then decide if you are spending your time the way you want to spend it. If not make another circle and adjust the segments to how you want your day to look. Try this new schedule and return to your circle often. Adjust it as necessary. Some people made one circle for the work week, and another for the weekend. Just another way to look at things that has helped!

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