Always wanted to… Journal Prompt…

Hey Lovely Souls!

I am taking inspiration via this Melody Ross video of what she has always wanted to do for this weeks Journal Prompt…

Here is the video..

What have you always wanted to do? Make a list of a few things you have always wanted to do… I have a list going.. some of them are little things that I am not sure why I have put off, some are bigger… I would LOVE it if you shared them with me..

Some of mine are….

-Learn to roll sushi

-Go solo to a movie

-Learn a new language

-Take an Art class

-Go to see belly dancing at a local eatery

-Work with girls and woman on empowering them..

Those are just some of mine.. What are yours?

I encourage you to choose 1 off of the list and do it, schedule it! I am doing the last one I mentioned on my list.. I am joining in The Dove Self Esteem Weekend this coming weekend.

I would adore it if you would join it with me in doing a virtual event for this..  You can go here to find out more information about what i am doing.. My plan is to start the discussion and connecting on my Inspired, Creative and Empowered Facebook page

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowerd



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