It starts when we show up…

Hey Beautiful Souls…

I have heard the words “Showing up” lately in several different contexts, I have written a blog post in the past about this. Today , well lately it’s on my mind again.

I think that life often starts shifting, healing , improving etc.. when we show up… When we are constantly avoiding, giving excuses, being distracted and acting out of fear, then it’s hard to show up.  The thing I have to keep reminding myself of is that showing up is where it all starts. I mean really showing up, fully and on purpose.

What do I mean when I am saying “show up” ? I mean it physically, spiritually and mentally to be there, in mind, body, spirit sort of way.  When you show up for yourself you it’s the ultimate form of self-care in my opinion.

Often the hardest part is to simply show up, even if you can only commit to one small change, to 5 minutes.. the important part is to show up again and again..

Some examples of showing up..

-Show up to your creativity, to nurture your soul commit to sitting down for even 5 minutes, show up fully for that 5 minutes and engage in a creative act.

-Show up for your health, this could mean: Listening to your body and what it’s craving ( on a true level, that could be attention, movement, massage, healing, fresh food etc..)

-Dreams, your life is constantly giving you messages.. show up for your dreams by really listening, following inspiration (often instead of what seems logical at first)

-Relationships, when you with someone are you really with them, have you really shown up fully? Or are you there in body but not really in mind or soul?

Those are just a few examples that I can think of for showing up, the list could go on and on I am sure,but this is a starting point..

Where can you show up in your life?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



2 responses to “It starts when we show up…

  1. Thank you for this today. I needed to read it. Acting out of fear – so easy to slip back into doing this. Oh I definitely need to restart that showing up for myself and for others. In my creativity, no matter how raw and new; by attending yoga class or practicing upstairs by myself on my mat; lots of places but as you say just a small focus for now. x

    • Jan, I am so glad you heard a bit of comfort or a reminder in my words.. it’s a blessing to know that someone has been inspired by it! It is so easy to slip into fear ( I spend way to much time there! ) Yes small steps for sure are the way to go, they build on one another. I do think it’s so important to show up for ourselves first as that is what will fill us to show up fully with others! Thanks for stopping by!

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