Lessons…Little Inspiration

Hey Wonderful Souls..

This little inspiration is something that is on my mind a lot recently.. With in the last few weeks and days  I have had several little and big lessons show up for me. I won’t go into all the details but lets say that one of the bigger but simple messages I got recently in a not so fun way was that I really really need to listen to my souls calling, do my souls work.  Because really the thought of doing something else for the rest of my life makes me instantly sad and filled with a longing feeling.. One of the questions I need to ask myself is what would I rather have fear and all its many ways it will show up, but can be worked through or a feeling deep inside my soul that i am not showing up or doing the things that I was put here on earth to do? I think I will now choose differently then I have in the past and go with the fear, discomfort of stepping out of what is comfortable for me as well as step into the joy, peace and soul filled  days (and all the other feelings good and not so fun feelings and things that come along with doing what we are meant to do, what our soul is called to do.) Yes that is a lesson I am getting, soaking in, and now embracing!


-Often come wrapped up in what seems like a not so good “package”

-Sometimes we need the same lesson (showing up differently) again and again to finally get it, to really embrace it.

-Are often not as obvious as we would like them to be, and sometimes they are a head slapping oh yeah moment..

-Sometimes carry a simple message, other times they are very layered and it’s up to us to be open and willing to peel back those layers one by one.

-Are right in front of us way more often then we realize or care to realize (depending on the lesson needed and how it’s showing up!)

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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