Out of the box… Journal Prompt

Hey Beautiful Souls!

I was watching on Oprah’s Life Class recently an episode where she talks about stepping out of the box.  She talks about how  when you do your whole life expands, it opens you up to say if I can do this what else can I do, what if?

So that is the journal prompt this week.. What is one thing  that you can do to step out of the box in your life? For some it may be something really big for others it comes in the form of wearing a different outfit don’t judge what yours is, for now embrace it by owning it, then by doing it.. I would love it if you shared yours with me..

One of mine is… Join a group of local creatives in one of the gatherings they have.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



One response to “Out of the box… Journal Prompt

  1. Well, I always talk myself out of buying things, but I went out & bought myself a pair of red 5″ platforn high heels and a pair of Crystal earrings for Christmas. I’m conservative, but I feel sexy when I wear these, so why not. Barbara Linzey

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