A letter to 2011…

Hello Creative Souls

In my December newsletter I went over some ways to reflect on the year past  and create a vision for the year going forward. One of the ways I suggest for reflecting on the year past is to write a letter to 2011. I have found this a great way to reflect on the year coming to a close.

Some things to put in the letter: Gratitude, lessons, feelings, struggles and celebrations. Also some fun things to add to it could be some of your favorite things (food, shows, activites, websites etc..)

I will share some parts of mine..

Dear 2011, 

You have been quite a year. I will do my best to really thank you and remember all the milestones, lessons, moments that I can. Though I am sure there will be some I do forget for the moment.

You have been filled with learning lessons in some hard ways. You have also been full of clarity in other ways.

I know I took so many things for granted and I am learning what and how the hard way….. That has made me realize that I really need to listen to my soul and do my souls work…So while this is a hard lesson to be learning,I thank you for it. It’s already lit a few fires under my butt in a few different ways.

I am so blessed in so many ways, it’s sometimes drown out by me feeling sorry for myself or wishing some things were different. Like my job, income and weight. This year has had so many changes, though I don’t think all of them are points I will remember off the top of my head, they were soul changes, some things you can’t explain you just feel and beyond.

Thank You 2011 for all the lessons, blessings all that I have expressed and all unexpressed. You have helped prepare me for 2012, what I KNOW will be an amazing year. You have been filled with Inspiration, Frustration, Connection, Healing, Loss, Release, Shifts, Creativity,Stuckness, Movement.All if it lessons, beauty and all part of the journey…

I would love it if you shared with me some of yours…

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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