Planner Pad creative customizing

Hey Creative Souls..

Last year I decorated my planner, it’s been so fun to look at on a regular basis. I used moleskine weekly planner, I really loved it in many ways. For 2012 however I am going to use a planner pad, different format, but I really think it will help me keep on track in the several different areas of my life. While I did try before the electronic calendar/planner I find that I just do better with having paper and a pen in this case, just how my brain works!

More on how I will use it in another post, in the next few weeks. I decided to gussy up this planner even more then the one last year! Here are some images of what I did. I really love it! I found out about this planner and was inspired by Kimberly Wilson

Front of it:

The back of it

On the inside they have places for an address book, I will not use much of that space so I used one of the pages to start a little collage of my word for 2012 (more on that in another post!)  I did tabs fo various colors for the months. The inside flap will have a picture of my 2012 vision board when I do that!

I know it will make me happy to look at through the year!

How do you personalize your organizing tools?

Here is to living Inspired,Creative and Empowered



2 responses to “Planner Pad creative customizing

  1. Love, Love, Love your idea of decorating your day planner…I did the samething many years ago for a goal seminar I was going to. Thanks for reminding me of a great idea. Today I’ll create my own cover. Thanks again , because seeing it everyday can only inspire you to reach your goals for the year. Have a great day. Barbara (bearnbabs)

  2. Thank You! It does make a difference! Glad you were inspired by it!

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