12 Random things I would like to…Journal Prompt

Hello Lovely Souls!

Along with my Heart Resolutions and One Word for each year as well as a few main goals/dreams I have for the year I thought I would do a list of random things I would like to from/in 2012.

This weeks prompt is to make a list of 12 random things that you would like to do, create, learn etc this year..

1-Learn to Embroider

2-Leave notes and gifts to inspire others, in random places

3-Teach 2 in person workshops locally

4-Do a series of images this year capturing light in different ways ( actual light and things that fit with my meaning for light this year) as well as some of my Heart Resolutions

5-Go to a local place that has belly dancing on Saturday nights ( to watch)

6-Go to a few local places that I have never been to and would like to go to!

7-Donate to causes I love 1x a month, even if just a small amount

8-Roll sushi

9-Do a cleanse/detox of some kind

10-Attract more coaching clients

11-Read 20+ books this year

12-Have a mentor session with one of the amazing souls who offer them (like Kimberly Wilson)

Those are my 12, I also just realized I never really mentioned what my goals are for 2012, my biggies/main ones. I will post soon to the My lists page on the blog! Possibly even do a blog post about it!

What are some/all of yours?

Here is to Living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



3 responses to “12 Random things I would like to…Journal Prompt

  1. Great idea. I usually do a yearly goal set thta I put on the refrig…but this is more personal. Some of the things I would like to accomplish:1. go back to work part-time in a book store/library. 2. Read at least 15 books this year.3. Learn to do paper Iris folding & make some note cards with them. 3. Visit some local places I’ve never been. thats it for now….but will add more once I think about it. Thanks again for such a great idea. Barbara Linzey

  2. I just love the New Year with all it’s possibilities! Great idea on the list of 12 things. I did a random mind mapping which was alot of fun. It got me really thinking about what’s important in my life. 🙂

  3. so many things to ponder… i’m off to list make! thank you! xo

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