My Word for 2012 and Heart Resolutions

Hello Beautiful Souls!

For the last 3 years I have chosen One Word to guide my year by, I have also done  what I call Heart Resolutions.

Today I want to share these with you. There is always more then just one word I would like to guide me in my year, that for me is where my Heart Resolutions came into play. But I also really love having one guiding word that really captures what I want to create, feel and experience in that year. For 2012 my main word is:

Light, this word really captures so many layers of meaning for me. Some of them are:  I want to be lighter in my body, I want to be the light in others lives, I want to seek the light with in  myself, I want to see the light in others, I want to be lighter in my shoulds, destructive habits ,wounds and limiting beliefs, I want to lighten up in physical ways in my surroundings. I will be seeking examples of light all around me this year in several ways! I decided on the word a month or so ago and left room for a diffeent word as to not force it, but it really is the word for me this year!

Some of the other words ( Heart Resolutions, the core/heart of what I want to feel) this year as well are:







These words, feelings really feel right to me. Do you have a word, words or feeligns that you want to guide your life by this year?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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