Health Wishlist-Journal Prompt

Hey Wonderful Souls!

I will often pull the journal prompt from something that has been on my mind lately, this week is no different. I have been having some recent health issues so I thought I would like to make a Health Wishlist, things I would like for me health.

That is this weeks prompt: What is on my Health Wishlist? This can include whatever you would like for your health, feelings, things, practices, foods etc..

Some of mine are:

-Health Insurance, so I can get all my important appointments and see what is up with my health lately since I have been having issues

-More Energy

-Nourishing, Fresh food (and someone to help me find easy, fresh ways to cook)

-A regular Yoga routine

Those are some of mine, what about you?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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