Being Empowered means…. Little Inspirations

Hello Wonderful You!

Being Empowered can show up in so many ways.. some ways I had not really thought of at first… Some of them that come to mind…

Being Empowered is…

-About taking control of your health

-Being tuned into your thoughts and shifting the thoughts of defeat and helplessness into thoughts of empowerment

-Being honest with yourself

-Learning to listen to your life &  to your body

-Expressing your voice, in all the different ways that shows up…

-Knowing when to take action and knowing when to rest

While other people can help you feel empowered by teaching ,mentoring and inspiring you in many of these areas… Ultimately it’s up to you to take it in and own it!

Those are some of my thoughts of being empowered, how do you define it? How does it show up for you?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and EMPOWERED!


2 responses to “Being Empowered means…. Little Inspirations

  1. For me, being empowered is owning my authentic self with bravery. 🙂

  2. Its when You really know something and then teach it to someone else. I saw this when I taught Elementary art, when a childs eyes lit up when they realized they accomplished a piece of art, that they thought they couldn’t do. That was their gift to me. Barbara

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