What you want most…

Hey beautiful Souls!

I saw this saying on pinterest and decided to add the saying to one of my photos. I really love it!

These 12 words pack a huge and important message that I believe apply to many areas of our lives.

I would say I have often, really really often given into instant gratification and not really looked at the big picture. Really as a result of this I am in a place in my life in several ways that I am really  not thrilled about. There is not one to blame but myself. This is not to complain or to feel sorry for myself (much 😉 ) but to remind myself and inspire you to think of where you may be giving up what you want most for what you want now.

It can apply to our






and so much more… I printed out the above picture and have it posted above my desk.

I do feel like part of the problem is so many of us don’t really know, or can not or are not willing to really speak it out loud to even ourselves.

So it’s my intention to do the very best I can to not fall into that instant gratification trap, to be as mindful as I can and make the choices that really are in line with what I want to create and experience in my life. Even if at first this only comes in the form of one little step at a time.. you have to start somewhere.

Maybe it’s time to ask ourselves what we want most, what we truly want. Not what we think we can have or should want but what do our souls say? I think this year I am pretty clear on it, but I know there are more layers of the true message to be uncovered and discovered.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



3 responses to “What you want most…

  1. Instant gratification is often followed by instant regret. Delayed gratification is much better.

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