February Goals and Dreams

Hello Wonderful Souls!

The first month of 2012 went so fast for me, how about you?

Each month I plan my major to do’s, goals and some dreams that I would like to accomplish or experience etc.. It really helps keep me on track, sometimes it’s all being checked off other times not so much.. But it helps keep me mindful of my goals for the year as well.

February Goals, Dreams and To Do’s-

-Complete another chapter in Right brain business plan book

-Go to 1-2 local bookstores

-Work on creating a budget

-Capture a Sunset (as in through the lens!)

-Work on a few things from my 35 while 35 list

-Organize, the rest of my living room, bathroom and kitchen

-Start a yoga journal, organize my yoga binder and practice 2x per week+

-Keep working on content and inspiring souls for my online workshop Journey to Authentic you ( see workshops on my blog!)

-Read 2 books

-Practice Drawing

-Get a knitting refresh

-Get my sewing machine looked at, I bent the needle

-Attract the perfect fit for a client

Those are some of mine, what about you?

Here is to living Inspired,Creative and Empowered



2 responses to “February Goals and Dreams

  1. January 2012 was definitely the fastest month of my life! 🙂 However, I am still focusing on a few core intentions that I have set for myself in the New Year.

    – Say no if I don’t feel like doing something. Prioritize, and do only things I truly want to do.
    – Plenty of time for self care. Exercise, Reading, Writing, Blogging, Yoga, Family etc.
    – Adventure. Fearlessly.

    🙂 Thanks for the dose of inspiration! I really like your blog.

  2. So very happy January has passed and we have a new fresh month!
    – Continue to make Nana my focus.
    – Drink more water, less sugar, sleep 7 hours per night.
    – Continue on my creative journey and find “my place”.

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