5 actions-Journal Prompt

Hello Beautiful Souls!

Something I am thinking about more and more lately is how I get my “real life” more in line with my vision of what I want to do, create, feel like, look like etc.. While there have been times recently and in the past that I seem to make a major change seemingly in 3 steps or less ;-D , I am aware of the fact that most changes happen a step at a time,even if it’s a tiny tiny step at a time.

Think for a few minutes on what you often envision for yourself, what really makes you happy and inspired. It doesn’t have to be world shaking big. It can be something you hear yourself saying oh I would love to, that would be so nice, I am really interested in etc.. you get the idea.

Choose something or choose a few and grab your journal and write down 5 actions (no matter the size) to help you get closer to whatever “it” is. At this point, I am not even suggesting to have each step figured out, just 5 little actions to take towards creating the life you want, the life you envision.

*Creative Bonus* Find or create a visual of these steps to put somewhere you will see them often as a reminder!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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