Little Inspirations-Trust the nudge

Hey Lovely Souls!

I am what you would often call a major overthinker. I overthink about lots of things including decisions that are really not all the serious, like my most recent one: Should I start this smaller journal for collage and things like that even though I do have a large visual journal that I really like but sometimes feels like a bit too much ground to cover when I just want a little creative fix? I had this desire, instinct to start a new one ( in addition to the different journals I already have) I have been thinking on it (on and off) for a few weeks. I mean really, if I decided hey I would rather not have this many journals or I really am not feeling this idea then I can stop. It’s not like the journal police are going to come and get me for not following through! So as a reminder to myself and to anyone else out there who may be reading this and dealing with questioning yourself:

-Trust the creative instinct is there for a reason

-Listen the nudge, the idea the desire and explore it

-pick up the book, the paintbrush,the journal,  the camera and just follow it, see where it takes you.

-Ask yourself, what are you afraid of? Often it’s “simply” a case of being afraid of being wrong or wasteful. The question is, will it hurt anyone if I make this choice to listen and act upon this instinct, this creative nudge, so so often the answer is no.But what could you be withholding from your own self, from your soul by denying it?

-Remember the more you trust these nudges, the more often they will come and in turn it will build up a sense of self-trust and confidence.

here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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