Inspired and Creative Action Prompts for Spring

Hey Wonderful Souls!

Happy Spring!!! Today marks the first day of spring! I thought I would give myself and you some ideas of ways to embrace spring!


-Capture signs of spring ( blooming flowers, trees etc)

-In line with the above prompt, capture a series of something for spring, maybe it’s a tree, a succulent you have, yourself.. follow with your lens (even phone one, thats what I use 99% of the time) and see what different ways you can capture your subject this spring!

-Create a vision board/vision journal page of what you would like this spring to bring for you.

-Plant something, or buy something to nurture

-Create a spring playlist

-Sign up for that class, buy that book, pick up that paintbrush that you have been getting that creative nudge about!

-Buy yourself some flowers in your favorite spring color

-Buy an accessory to add a little spring in your wardrobe, something that feels fresh to you!

-Choose 3 things you want to experience, create, release or embrace this spring (you can combine this with the vision board prompt above!)

-Grab your journal and ask yourself, in what areas would I like to bloom this spring? Where do I want to open up to possibility? What am I ready to start new on?


-Spring clean, your entire house/apt or just one area or a few areas that really need it the most

-Take time to go through your wardrobe and take out what you don’t love, and on the flipside put together an outfit or two that you love!

-Look up what veggies and fruits are in season and super fresh in your area and go to the store or local farmers market and get some to experiment with!

-Go through any of your drawers, closet etc and let go of what you don’t use, wear or love.

-Spring clean your desktop, back up your stuff on your computer, Clean out your inbox for your email, delete old podcasts and songs that just take up space that can be used for something that you love and inspires you.

Here is to living Inspird, Creative and Empowered



One response to “Inspired and Creative Action Prompts for Spring

  1. Barbara Linzey

    Wow! This really is alot of inspiration. Love, Love, Love it all. Thanks for all that you do. Barbara Linzey

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