35 while 35 list Results!

Hey Amazing Souls!

This week is the week of my 36th Birthday and I am working on a 36 while 36 list, but it may not be revealed until next week as I have not finalized it yet, I have been gathering ideas and inspo about it but have not decided fully on all the things to go on that list!

In the meantime I am going to post the results of my 35 while 35 list, there are some things that did not get done just don’t seem to make the time for them, fear being too big a factor or have changed my mind. But there are a decent number checked off and some important ones so it all evens out I suppose. Instead of being mad at myself for what I did not get done I am going to focus on what I did and to take that and mindfully complete the items for my 36 list!

I swear evey year goes by faster and faster, Several things are so different from where they were a year ago, some really good some I am still trying to learn the lesson or see the blessing!

35 WHILE 35:35 thing I want to do, create and experience in my 35th year.. Created 3/28/2011

1-Create a Terrinium – Sadly no, I am thinking it may be a fun Spring project we shall see

2-Steady Practice of 1-2 yoga poses (to “master” them)- While I did increase my yoga practice and am working on it more and more this year to deepen it I did not really do this

3-Carve a stamp

4-Submit to Artful Blogging- Changed My Mind, maybe in the future

5-Attend or if all else fails, create a creative retreat-     While not by the date, I have booked a creative/spirtitual retreat for Sept 2012!!!!!!

6-Go to San Francisco and take in some sites, go to Chinatown while there – nope didn’t happen ;-/

7-Grow something from a seed

8-Start a savings fund for my trip to Germany with my Mom and Hubby!

9-Be 25+ lbs lighter! – I am happy to report that I have lost about 28lbs to be honest part of it was that I was having some big health issues for a bit, but those seem to be much better and most of it appears to have come off from changes in my diet so that is good..

10-Get a beautiful detailed henna like this or this

11-Go on an artist date at least 1x a month, out of the house – Didin’t happen much at all ;-/

12-Take Remains of the Day class – Maybe next year, never did get around to it!

13-Have my apartment fully organized, umm if I don’t get to it this year finally you will never see it on my list again!— Well this one is close to done but I did realize I was really more about decluttering, then organizing then decorating so this one is good progress really good but not totally done and that is OK

14-Try Knitting

15-Do 2 photo shoots ( I have a few in mind.. not fully decided yet though)

16- Find a cause to volunteer with on a regular basis ( I would like it to be at least 1x a month)

17-Charity Walk – Heart Walk

18-Craft day with my nieces and nephews-  They did not visit as much and the visits were full, so this did not happen again going on a different list for next bday list.

19-Do at least 2 guest blog post

20-Try at least the first 5 projects, really try for the sewing class I signed up for.

21-Plant more succulents, retire the ones that are hopeless

22- Create and publish a several  podcast (and a few videos)

23-Create a photo slideshow for a years worth of photos 

24-Photograph a sunset in the fullest view I can get– I will be putting on the next list a sunset on the beach but this is done-ish (see image above)

25-Take a few  Yoga class’s

26- Take a few Nia or Belly-dance classes

27-Be a more confident cook – In progress never really done as I can keep building more confidence!

28-Host some kind of gathering of creative souls ( not sure if in person, online or what it is exactly yet!)  – Done I have an online group-it’s not really active much but I tried!

29- Do thisthis, this, and this project oh and this one ( a week in the life)

30-Develop all the rolls of film I have from years ago, lord only knows what I may find!

31-Experiment with film photography

32- Officially start my business, including the coaching!

33- Collaborate on a project

34- Complete reading list as is now ( I have a book addiction so the list will keep growing)

35- Complete 2011 list

For the ones I still would like, I am going to put them on a sometime list or something like that.. a I would love to but not really high on the have to list..

Overall to be honest I feel good about what I did  and the things I learned and accomplished that were not on the list.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



One response to “35 while 35 list Results!

  1. Barbara Linzey

    Great Idea…A Birthday Bucket list…to do in one year. I have a book bucket list of books I want to read….some I read as a child & want to re-read. I have 100 , but add to that occasionally.And I have mad a journaL with the book covers and write a blip about the book & when I finished it. I just love it.Thanks for sharing.Barbara Linzey

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