Coaching Q and A- Gratitude during difficulties

Hey Beautiful Souls!

Today is the first of what I hope will be a weekly series called Coaching Q & A (question and answer!)

I have a handful of questions, but would LOVE and need more from you beautiful souls! Email me at hstoliveinspired  @ gmail . com  I will keep your name and info private, unless you request that I do not keep it private otherwise it’s between us!  Any kind of question you have that you think a life coach could possibly be helpful in (goals, inspiration, sorting out a decision in your life etc.. ) send them my way and I will answer them for free on here!

Onto our first question to kick off the series!

Q: I am going through a difficult time.  To keep my spirits up, I have tried to institute a gratitude journal.  But I am having trouble seeing good.  I used to be a pretty cheery person, so how do I reclaim that?

A: First, I am sorry you are going through a difficult time I hope things get better soon!  A Gratitude Journal is a powerful tool in good times and in difficult times. I know that some days it can be tough to feel like there is any good to see. I would say that the following 4 steps could help you in making a regular and inspiring practice of keeping a gratitude journal and seeing good in the everyday, difficult times and all..

1-Find the medium for keeping a gratitude journal that works for you, I am a big believer in the pen and paper, but for some a document on their computer, twitter, facebook or there is an app for that! Find a way that works for you , experiment with different ways if you are not sure.

2-Schedule it in, write it down on your planner, put it into your calendar, have the journal right in front of you etc… That way it’s sort of “in your face” to remind you.

2-Start with just one thing that you are grateful for, sometimes I think we are have the mindset that we “should” be putting a whole bunch of things to be grateful about so we just don’t even try, just find one, even a tiny thing to be grateful for (see tip 4)

4-Think of the things we take for granted on a daily basis, food, clean water, showers, support, the internet, our health, shoes,sunshine, a roof over our head.. If you start with those things even just one a day then you will have days where you see a handful or a armfuls of things to be grateful for, but just start small at first and really look around you to see what you can express thanks for.

Feel free to contact me (info above) with any question you may have and to find out more about my coaching programs go here!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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