36 while I am 36-The reveal!

Hey Beautiful Souls!

Last year I did a 35 while 35 list, I accomplished about 15 of them so less than half but some of the ones I did accomplish were very meaningful to me, so I suppose it all evens out. There were some that simply changed, I had no desire to do so as things went along in the year. I tried to be more mindful of that this list! So here is my 36 while 36 list.

1-Do a guest series on an inspiring blog!

2-Photo book with personal add ons like this one

3-Do a week in the life project again!

4-Create floating bookshelves, love the look of these

5-Large watercolor paisley

6-Go to a cafe and visual journal

7-Try a new recipe a month

8-Go see a sunrise on the beach

9-Try embroidery

10-Teach a class in person

11-Make a Mala

12-Complete, Inner Excavation

13-Get and learn Photoshop

14-Mix my own perfume

15- Take  2 classes online that I have been wanting to take

16-Be working from home full-time

17-Explore poetry a bit

18-Go to a local place that has belly dancing on Saturdays to watch

19-Do a self-portrait a month

20-Create and publish an E-book

21-Be a tourist for the day where I live

22-Start the journey to being financially empowered

(mindful spending, educating myself where I need to, paying down debt, living on a budget)

23-Learn my Instax really well

24-Join a community Garden

25-Launch a website that with my own URL with all the features I really want

26-Do 1 thing a month to get out of my comfort zone

27-Give up something for a month

28-Buy a vintage camera

29-Give back monthly

30-Roll my own sushi

31-Go Vegan for a week

32-Launch a tele series/group coaching

33-Plan a trip

34-Start really learning Spanish

35-Work on a healing relationship with my body

36-Choose 3-6 things from my would love to list

Right now these feel really right to me, as things change this year some of these may or may not change or shift and that is ok! I am also working on a pinterest board as a visual for these things!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



One response to “36 while I am 36-The reveal!

  1. Barbara Linzey

    Great list. I’ll turn 70 on April 5th and this has inspired me to go for it…..70 while I’m 70 List. I usually have a goal spread sheet that I make in Jan which gives me inspiration and I accomplish most of what I set out to do…so I look forward to the challenge. Remember now, I am a young 70. Barbara

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