Coaching Q and A- Feeling Deserving

Hey Beautiful Souls! Welcome to Coaching Q & A

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Q: I make great money at my job.  Trouble is, I don’t feel like I deserve it!  How can I feel more grateful?
A: This is a multi layered response for this one. A few things to think about and reflect upon.
-Look at what you are grateful for that this job/great income affords you.  Some may be material while others may be more in line with peace of mind.
-I want you to ask yourself, why don’t you feel you deserve it? Why not you? What would make you feel you were deserving of it?
  This is really more of a matter of self-worth, a lack of self-worth in this case. That is not something that can be healed in a matter of a Q&A response it’s more multi layered then that. But I will suggest as well as the above questions to ask you to really think about (and journal about) some positive things about yourself (physical but also and mostly spiritual and mental stuff)
Make that list, step away for a while and come back to it, look at it,really soak it in. Are these traits of someone who is not worth a good income and good things in life? If these things were a list of someone elses traits and positives would you look at it and think: “Oh they clearly don’t deserve the good things that come to them”? The answer would most likely  be of course they do, so I ask again.. Why not you?
Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered

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