Coaching Q and A- No real Passions

Welcome to another Coaching Q & A today! I would LOVE if you would send me your questions, I will keep your information private and only post your question!

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Q: My life is BORING!  I have a routine job that a trained monkey could do, no friends I hang out with, and no real passions.  What can I do?

A:  There sounds like there are really multiple things  going on in these questions.  But I will start with the last part- “no real passions” as that is the foundation of the others. I have had moments in my life where I was not sure what I really was passionate about, what really inspired me and  made me tick.  So I did what I am suggesting for you! (and it works if you work it!)

I think sometimes we are waiting for the things that make us tick the passions to come knocking on our door, but we often have to go out and explore a bit to find what really makes us light up!

1-Make a list of things that inspire you, things you enjoy. Ask yourself : I feel most like myself when….? Ask yourself what causes or issues do I get really worked up about?

2-Do what I call Inspiration hunting: This is all about experimenting, exploring, gathering and being open.  Start noticing what things you hear or see that make you interest peak a bit, that you say I would love to, that you are inspired by, drawn to etc.. Keep capturing these things (more on that below) Be open, don’t judge or question it at this point… just go with it. Be on the “lookout” for words, phrases and images that inspire you, even if you don’t have a clue why.

* Ways to capture these things: My favorite would be a journal, there are also online ways to do this but I really am a fan of the ol pen and paper it engages a different part of your brain! So you can document/capture these things in a journal, on (online  inspiration board of sorts), you can use a document on your computer or phone to jot down these things. I am a very visual person so words and images both are attractive to me, some things I just have a written list while others a magazine clipping or something like that really represents what inspires me.

3-Choose something and start exploring more on your list, look for themes or just that one thing on your list (via images, words etc..) that you say yes, I really am drawn to this and explore it more. Just be open to exploring and gathering clues. You will know when you have something that is a “keeper”.

This is just a start to help you get clear on what inspires you, to help stir up some passion in you. Just allow yourself to be open and to try new things sometimes going out of our normal will bring us to what really would inspire us, so allow room for the unknown!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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