Celebrations and Planning -April-May

Hey Wonderful Souls!

Can you believe it’s May tomorrow? Ack where does the time go? For something sort of different this week I thought it would be a helpful idea/prompt to:

Look at April and reflect (and if you feel called to) capture in your journal (or post on your blog!)  what:

was 1 struggle

3 Celebrations (things you accomplished, clarity you have now etc..)

and 5 things you are grateful for.

List 1-2 things for May that you would like to:

-Do/Experience/Engage in



I will even go first! I would love it you felt called to sharing any of them with me!

Look at April and reflect (and if you feel so called) capture in your journal what:

was 1 struggle: Getting honest with myself about what’s holding me back from where I want to be.

3 Celebrations (things you accomplished, clarity you have now etc..)

1-Partcipated in Week in the Life ( I will share a bit once it’s all put together, the pics are ordered already!)

2-Upped my veggie intake and managed to start doing a veggie day this last week so no meat!

3-Did lots of reading! Some were just being finished up and some started and completed including reading and defining my style statment (more on that in another post in the near future)

and 5 things you are grateful for:

1-Inspiring things: books, podcasts and music

2-Kind comments from readers

3-New connections made

4-Seeing the inspiration and beauty in the everyday thorugh my iPhone lens!


List 1-2 things for May that you would like to:

-Do/Experience/Engage in: To dive into “The Fire Starter Sessions” by Danielle LaPorte, Go to at least 1 local fun event!

-Accomplish: Learning a new setting or 3 on my camera so I can take better photos for my nieces wedding next month! Try at least 1 new recipe

-Feel: Clarity, Peace, Purposeful

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered

4 responses to “Celebrations and Planning -April-May

  1. Lovely post, I actually made the time last night to write in my lovely decorated art journal pages (with few words). I wrote over a picture that was perfect for spring-time reflection with beautiful flowers. Thank you for sharing your ideas!

  2. toliveinspired

    Thanks Christine! I am so glad you took the time to do that for yourself!

  3. Barbara Linzey

    Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. I have been working with my grandsons…doing home remediations….working 10/ 12 hrs a day.
    No struggles
    3 Celebrations- Learning a new profession, wrote my 70’s while I’m 70 List and am on my reading schedule, actually i’m ahead.
    5 things that I’m grateful for:
    My 5 wonderful grandsons& family ; my good health and the beautiful world that I live in.
    May’s list:
    I would like to get my Vetg garden planted
    Make the rest of the years home made greeting cards.
    What a wonderful idea.Thanks Heather. Barbara L

  4. toliveinspired

    Beautiful list Barbara! So happy you are connecting with your family!

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