Coaching Q and A – What it’s all about!

Hey Beautiful Souls!

As you may have read I recently started a new series called “Coaching Q & A! I am really excited about this new series and wanted  to tell you a bit about it and ask for your help!

Coaching Q &A is all about you! It’s a chance for you to ask a coach (me!) questions of whats on your heart. Questions about change, balance, self-expression, goals and goal setting, dreams, finding your voice and anything else on your heart! It’s a way for you to get sort of mini session of coaching and in doing so to help others who may have some of the same things going on (because it’s published but your information is not!) I don’t pretend to have all the answers but I do promise I will do my best to give you something of value in each response that you can apply to your life!

I am very very passionate about coaching it’s just the way I “show up” in lots of situations and to be able to bring more of that to you makes me really happy!

Send me your questions hstoliveinspired @ gmail .com  I will publish your question but not your information. Also you  can  now ask me a question totally anonymously  on formspring! I could use your help and support by submitting questions and if you know someone who could benefit from this too please pass it along to them as well!

You can read past questions and responses right here!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



6 responses to “Coaching Q and A – What it’s all about!

  1. Absolutely love this photo! You look mahvaleous Daaling!

    Now to the question: I have a large family, numerous interests, good friends, lots of talents, absolutely bewildered about how to fit all those things in my day! It seems my 1st priority of each day gets left in the dust by other obligations. Help me, help me!

  2. I Have counseled People for the past nine years, I am a preacher and I have encountered problems that have made me stop preaching for a while, I have to take care of my home (Marriage) before i can take care of others. But my question is I have back problems and I am a maintenance man for a local news paper company, I own four houses of my own, and my back is not getting better I have to find something that is not so strenuous on my back, I am seriously thinking of going to school but I am wondering what I would do at 44 I am young enough to do something and be succesful at it but with my back ground as a counselor would you recommend Life coaching or something different? I can sell things also, I am a people person I love talking to others, I was thinking of something in marketing but with our economy the way it is I am kind of stuck in a rut here. I am open for suggestions If you have any suggestions please let me know and thank you for this question and answer section very unselfish of you.

  3. toliveinspired

    gharlow, powerful question! I will be responding to it this week! Thank you so much for stopping by! And thanks for the nice comment, I am happy to be of service to others where I can!

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