The distance is not always as far as it may seem…

Hey Amazing Souls!

I have been continuing my journey of living my word this year Light,one of the ways I have been doing that is to continue layer by layer to release physical stuff (as well as mental, but that is a different post!) In the last few rounds of releasing stuff, including books I this time released ones I have had for years and years I have not worked in or read in them in years either so it was time to let go. In flipping through some of these I noticed some notes in them about some things that I even still have on my lists now that I would like to do but am not really doing. I am talking as far back as 2003.

The thing is I am just now realizing that the distance between where we are and where we want to be is not as far as it might feel.  I am not saying that is always true, but I am now seeing so many times it is. We get overwhelmed often with feeling like we have to go from 0-60 in seconds when in reality if we just start, really even the smallest and consistent actions will get us there. Not only will it get us there (or somewhere better!) but it will get us there MUCH faster than if we wait for everything to be just the right timing, to be perfect.(trust me I have tried that 😉

Let me give you a small example from my own life. For years I have had on a list (various lists and places!) to meditate, to have that be part of my daily practice, to explore it, sink into it…For years I start and stop because it’s not looked the way it “is supposed to” (1-2 hours a day, fully clear mind=blissed out) so I have let that stop me. When if I had started all those years ago even with 30 seconds of meditation (sitting, standing,breathing  mindfully) if I had started with even that tiny amount and built on (increased ) it even just 30 seconds a month I would be to at least 30 minutes by now and all built 30 seconds at a time.

I know that often much of what I want seems to out of reach, so far away. But when I really stop and for even just a moment really look at what I want to feel and experience it’s not as far off as it may seem and even if I am slowllly inching towards it, it’s better than standing still waiting for “just the right time” whenever that is…

So I urge you, and urge myself to define it for myself, start now taking whatever size steps even the tiniest ones and then start again when needed..

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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