At What Cost? Thoughts on “Checking Out”

Hey Inspiring Souls!

Recently I have been thinking a lot about how I am not checked into my life.

It was really brought to light for me recently when I noticed this with some people around me. How easy it is to notice these things in others and not so much in ourselves right?!

I had to start (and am continuing to) ask myself. Where am I checked out of my life? Another way to think about it is being on Auto Pilot, just sort of going along with the daily routines , chaos etc and avoiding really being present for ourselves, our dreams, our bodies, our finances, our family and friends etc..

There are so many ways we can be checked out, I will share some of the ways I have been checked out of my life: Finances (not being on top of certain things that later come to bite me in the butt, mindless spending too often).For years I was totally checked out of my health having gained 50 ish excess pounds ( I am happy to say I am well on my way to shedding those pounds) but there are still some ways that I need and want to be checked back in with my health such as listening to the cravings of my body for fresh food and more water etc.. Checked out of my dreams, spending years getting ready to get started for too many years and not really checking in with my dreams or taking even small actions on a regular basis, knowing when to let go of the “old” dream and embrace the bigger or even smaller dream that really is calling me now.

I know how easy and yet painful it can be to check out, I know we all have lots going on. I also understand that there are times in our lives that we need to sort of check out, we are not at a place where we can process the truth of what our life is saying but here is my problem and maybe yours too? It’s when the checking out becomes our default mode and that is how we operate most of our lives.

At some point I need to ask myself, you need to ask yourself..

What is it costing me? When we can get brave and truthful we realize it’s costing us dearly maybe even much more than we realize at the time.

The beautiful part is, when I am /we are aware we can check back in to our lives. Maybe it leaps in some areas and maybe the tiniest of baby steps in others. But I am ready and deeply craving this gift to myself then in turn those around me to check back into my life!

Thank You for your time stopping by and “listening’ to what is on my heart at the moment.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


PS: Coaching Q & A will  be back next week, I am hoping to make it a weekly thing!


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