5 ways to show up for yourself

Hey Inspiring Souls!

The phrase “showing up for myself” has well shown up for me a lot recently. I notice myself resisting what I really want to do, what I crave. I am working on not doing this and pushing myself (at times) to show up for myself in the following areas..

Here are 5 ways you can show up for yourself!

1-Get your body in motion, yoga, dance walking whatever is nourishing or fun for you. Often when we know we will feel good and will be happy we did is the time we have to talk ourselves into it the most! At least that has been true for me!

2-Make room in your schedule for yourself, it’s so important to do this even if you don’t feel like you can schedule in more than 15 minutes it’s a start, it’s something.

3-Take time to go within, listen to the messages of your life, grab your journal and capture what is on your heart, this is one of the most important ways you can show up for yourself. Our lives are whispering to us all the time (then they get loud and obnoxious if we ignore them long enough!)

4-Show up for yourself in the way of expressing your creativity, whatever that is for you. Take time to capture photos , explore words, visual journal, knit, make a great meal, plant something (and a zillion other ideas!)

5-Show up for your dreams, you know that list of things you would love to do, learn, create and explore allow yourself to show up for yourself and start taking action on them or at the very least writing them down and owning them! (see #3)

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



One response to “5 ways to show up for yourself

  1. I feel inspired. A new deeper reality is dawning. My life feels more whole. Thanks Coach

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