Creativity- Coaching Q and A

Hey Inspiring Souls! It’s Coaching Q & A time again!!

Q: I really feel the pull to do something creative, but I just think I may be one of those people who is just not creative. The things I have tried are just not as good as they should be. It’s discouraging, how do I start to find my creative voice, or am I just better off giving up that idea and moving on?

A: Let me start with this: You are creative, you were born that way. We just lose sight of what that looks like as we get older. Most times when we are young we don’t struggle to make sure our forts and imaginary friends are as good as other people’s, but as we grow up we get so stuck in comparing and looking at how things “should” be that we lose sight of own creative voices. Some ideas to start exploring and defining your  creative voice are:

1-First take a deep breath, you can do this, allow yourself to be as open as possible

2-Willingness to explore, when in the process of finding your creative voice (and when redefining etc.) we need to be willing to explore. There are so many ways creativity can show up and a willingness to explore some of them is essential!

4-Exploration, try lots of different things. There are a zillion things to try! Some ideas are: Visual Journaling, Writing (by hand or on the computer, it doesn’t matter just allow yourself to play with words), knitting, cooking, jewelry making, painting and photography. Those are some ways to express yourself creatively. Experiment with some of those or something else. You will know when you have hit on the one(s) that really speak to your soul!

5-Don’t compare! This can be a real creativity killer.. Take inspiration from others not that the way they do it is the only way. Allow yourself to “mess up” as it’s all part of the process. I remember when I first started visual journaling I had times where I wrote “this is supposed to be fun” I was frustrated because my pages didn’t look like they should (getting the should from how other people did their pages”) Then I learned there is no “Should” when it comes to expressing myself. I pushed through it and am so happy I did.

6-Learn to push through and learn to be gentle. There are times where you are just hitting a bump of self-doubt and it needs to be worked through. Other times we need to allow ourselves to step away (and perspective is often so helpful!) be compassionate with yourself when it’s called for!

7-Look for (and even write down) the ways that you are creative now. The way you problem solve, decorate, dress, cook and so on. There are so many instances in everyday life we are creative and looking at those can also be great clues into finding our creative voices.

These are just some ideas, I have a lot to say about this subject (clearly!) and in my Clarity Coaching or Authentic Living Coaching we dig a bit deeper in this subject! You can check it out here if you are interested!

Have a coaching question of your own? Contact me hstoliveinspired @

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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    Lately I’ve found myself in what I call a “creative slump.” I have ideas floating around in my head, but I just can’t seem to make them happen. Where do I start?
    This blog post by ToLiveInspired is all about Creativity and why we sometimes feel like we don’t have a creative bone in our bodies.

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