12 Ways to Savor Summer!

Hello Inspiring Souls!

Summer is upon is already! Time is flying by and it’s so easy for each season to just whip on past us. Each season I say I want to really experience things of that season and I often do not, so I though making a list of some summer ideas to pull from would be a good idea!

Some ways to Savor Summer:

1-Go to the Farmers Market, just enjoy being outside, buy some fresh flowers and  or fresh fruit.. Soak it in!

2-Go on a Picnic

3-Go to one (or way more) of the local Summer Events, there are often free little events of music in a local park, County Fair’s, little street fairs etc..

4.Eat Summer Fruit, berries and mangos are some of my faves!

5-Create a Staycation (or if you are in a place to be able to a mini/log vacation) for me it will be a staycation!

6-Pick a great Vacation read (even if it’s for your staycation) I read lots of personal growth books, books on spirituality etc sometimes a bit of just pure fun and mind candy is in order!

7-Go to the Beach (wear sunscreen) if you don’t have a beach near you, go to a fun summer spot and if all else fails, go to a park, kick off your shoes and dig your feet in the sand there (snap a pic of it!)

8-Create a Summer Soundtrack

9-Go outside at night and look up at the stars, one of my favorite things in the warm weather (we actually get warmer weather after summer but still..) is to go outside when it’s still warm but not hot and enjoy the night sky

10-Capture Summer moments, grab a journal and just write down some of your favorite moments of summer as you savor the season, in words and in images.

11-Go outside and blow some bubbles!

12-Enjoy some BBQ (even if you don’t eat meat, some veggies are super good grilled up!)

A few things that are on my list (along with a bunch from above are) Eat a fully loaded veggie dog, get a pedicure and wear sandles!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


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