Do What…Little Inspirations

Hey Inspiring Souls… Some reminders for us all today!

Do what scares you

Do what Nourishes you

Do what empowers you

Do what helps you to grow

Do what centers you

Do what is in line with your values

Do what Inspires you

Do what makes you laugh, even giggle snort (one of those laughs where a snort laugh sneaks out unplanned ;-D

Do what you feel pulled to do, deeply

Do what you love

Do what is true to you

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



2 responses to “Do What…Little Inspirations

  1. Barbara Linzey

    Righ On! Barbara

  2. Barbara Linzey

    Oops….What I meant was ” Right On”….Everyone of them , make us our Authentic Selfs. Thanks Heather. Barbara

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