CELEBRATION! 500th Post and a Giveaway!

Hey Amazing Souls!

WOWZER! Today I am celebrating that this post, today is my 500th post!  To be honest there have been many a days where I was sorta ready to give up the blog and move on to something else as I felt like I was talking to myself! I think just about everyone with a blog has felt like that at one time or another!

So In celebration I wanted to share some of my fave categories/posts and a few of my most popular ones. And a GIVEAWAY!

You can win:

My few favorites:

Most Popular Posts: 

How to enter!

  • Sign up for my newsletter
  • Tweet , Facebook  or blog about the giveaway
  • Email (heather. shafer @ gmail .com) me a Coaching question to be published in my coaching Q & A series!

Leave a comment on here with the way(s) you entered and 1 thing that you want to celebrate! **Added after publishing** I thought it might be helpful to mention when the giveaway ends ;-D July 22, 2012!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



5 responses to “CELEBRATION! 500th Post and a Giveaway!

  1. I’m always wanting to learn more about Visual Journals. I think this is a wonderful way to celebrate life and at the same time to use your Artistic abilities to express yourself in a positive way. I want to celebrate 70 – 70 list and my resons for being me. Pam Nixon

  2. Barbara Linzey

    Congrats on your 500th post.Thats quiet an accomplishment. Definitely a celebration. I will celebrate with you by celebrating my Authentic Self…I feel I have come along way and the Authentic Self Journey workshop has been a great inpiration and has open my eyes to many things and new outlooks on life itself. I continue to work on my 70’s list while I’m 70 and enjoying it also. Like my sister I love Visual journals and I work on several at a time. It really gets my creativity going. THanks for all that you have done & continue to do. Barbara

  3. GRATS on your 500th post. Wow….that is amazing and something to be so proud of! As you mentioned, it’s not always easy to post when you feel you are talking to yourself. I sure know how that feels. I love getting your newsletter as it’s always filled with so much inspiration. I posted on FB as I thought more people would see it there and I also sent you a little question for your Q&A. Enjoy your day!

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  5. Congrats to 500 posts!! I just shared it on FB – don’t have twitter…
    Right now I think I should pull myself up and celebrate ME on who I am and what I want to do but I’ve been pulled down and feel too crappy to do it, but maybe I should try… and thanks for the idea journal tip, I will get that running 🙂 Nice to be connected with you on our little group…
    Hugs, MONIA

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