Undone List…Journal Prompt

Hey Wonderful Souls!

I  was just venting my frustration with myself to my Mom the other day about things I keep saying I need to get done, figure out, follow-up on etc.. that I just keep putting off time after time.. So I made a list of those things. I titled it Sh.. Stuff I need to get done or let go of!

So that is this weeks prompt: Make a list of things that are swimming around in your mind that you need to do, then look at that list are there any items you  can just let go of? If not then how can you start taking 1 small action to get one of those things in motion?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



One response to “Undone List…Journal Prompt

  1. I needed that kick in the caboose today. List is made. Problem? It’s two and a half pages long single space. Aaaaaaaarrrgggghhhhh! But the prioritisation has begun! I feel better already! Thanks Coach

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