Inspiration Through the Lens… Creative Glimpses

Hey Inspiring Souls

I have a few creative glimpses of my life to share with you. A tree with a heart and other images naturally in it. I caught a glimpse of it on the way back into the car after going on an errand with my hubby, I told him wait give me a second and crouched down and grabbed a pic (he is fairly used to my photo nerd moves these days!)  In this post I also share my July Vision Journal page and some visual journaling play!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



4 responses to “Inspiration Through the Lens… Creative Glimpses

  1. A cleaner house every day? Hmmm … wouldn’t leave much time for art, or the special moments like the tree you stopped to catch on camera … =D

  2. Love your pages! They make me feel braver about my own!!

  3. toliveinspired

    Thank You so much! It’s such a healing and fun thing isn’t it?

  4. Barbara Linzey

    LOve your journal pages. I have learned to be more mindful and am very aware of my surroundings…taking lots of photos. Thanks again for your inspirations.

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