Support in your Dreams- Coaching Q and A

Hey Amazing Souls! Coaching Q & A is back! My intention to have a new post for Coaching Q & A  every other Friday!

Q: How do you motivate yourself to grow your business when friends and family think of it as “just a hobby”?

A: What a great question! I believe this is an issue that so many of us have had/are having. So you are not alone! I will give you some questions to ask yourself and some tips as well. Most of what you will see is that I am not going to suggest ways for you to convince the that what you are building is legit, it’s not your job to convince them really. The only person who you can really control is yourself. So lets look at some things that you can do to empower and motivate yourself. Often as a result of really taking ownership of your dream yourself will show others that you are serious about this.

Questions to ask yourself:

*Am I clear on what I want, what I am wanting to create?

*Do I speak about it with passion and commitment?

*Do I engage in it with passion and commitment?

*Is it that I am missing motivation or am I missing clarity , direction or support?


*Find a support, this can come in the form of a coach, a mastermind group,someone to check in with (an accountability partner) etc.

*Speak about it with passion

*Schedule in the time to pursue it on a regular basis, even if some of that time at first is used on getting more clarity and a plan (but don’t wait until the time is perfect that will be never, that’s true for any of us!) Even it it starts with just 15 minutes a day, you have to start somewhere!

*Surround yourself with inspiration, quotes, images, your values etc. Having an environment to help you empower your mindset is always important, even more so when you feel your sort of  “in it alone”

*Set timelines for yourself, if overwhelm is an issue then make them really doable and small. Remember small steps done on a regular basis = big things!

*Create affirmations and say them daily (a few times, or at least on a regular basis)  Look up online for affirmations using some of the key words of things that you seek: Support, clarity, focus, energy etc… Some ideas:                                I fully support myself in my dreams or  I am focused purposeful and guided those are 2 to give you some ideas. *tip: Always make affirmations in the present tense as if it’s happening now.

These questions and tips can be used for just about any dream, not just a business!

For any follow-up questions or a coaching question of your own, email me: hstoliveinspired  @ gmail. com

To find out more about the coaching services I offer go here!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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