5 things I wish I had known a few years ago…

Hey Amazing Souls!

Life is full of… lessons (what did you think I was going to say? 😉  sometimes we have the circumstances or situations that we wish for when we don’t have them anymore. There are lessons being shown to us all the time, we well I will speak for myself.. I am sometims hanging onto what it isn’t instead of looking at what it is, or what it could be if I just shifted a smidge out of my own freakin way!

So I thought I would look at 5 things I wish I had known years ago.. at the same time hoping I really have “got it” this time around so I am not 5 years from now saying the same stuff!

1-That avoiding certain situations just makes them way worse most of the time, face the fear and issues head on, as hard as it may be it’s going to be far easier than having years of procrastination and avoidance along with it being difficult when finally dealt with.

2-That my circumstances then ( in several ways) were exactly what I am wishing (and working toward) now… In other words.. If I had really opened my eyes I would have seen how freakin good I had some things!

3-That if I had started then even in small ways that I would be getting there faster (but now accepting that I can shoulda coulda woulda myself till I am blue in the face, what matters is what I do now)

4-That I should trust my vision and gut, they somehow know the way if I would just listen.

5-That I should nurture the relationships i had on a deeper level, because you  never know when they will change or go away.

Those are 5 (of many) things I wish i had known a few years ago.. How about you?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



2 responses to “5 things I wish I had known a few years ago…

  1. Heather, All of these are right on. Especially # 1 & # 4…I knew this to be true and didn’t listen and because I didn’t I went thru some very black times in my life. I was afraid of the outcome and I paid the price. So knowing these things are great but you also must act on them being you true Authentic Self.

  2. Barbara, So true.. I am hoping I really have the lessons this time around! But it’s a constant practice to remember these things and then to act upon them. Thanks for the reminder!

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