5 Ways to Set Yourself up for Success

Hey Beautiful Souls!

I can not tell you the amount of times I have seen or been the one to say I want something to say yes I am committed to it and then feel like I totally failed it and myself. I think there are layers of reasons in this. But one I see often is that we say we want something yet we don’t change anything we are doing.  For example if you say you want to write a book, build a business, learn a language (and a zillion other things..) yet in your free time you are just sitting watching TV that you really don’t even like all that much then you are not setting yourself up for success (even  if you are watching with your spouse, but are not that into what you’re watching then you can still often find small TV projects that could be in line with what you are committing to)  Below I go into 5 ways to set yourself up for success. There will be other steps depending on what it is you are wanting to focus on however I believe the 5 I have listed are fairly universal to most types of goals and dreams!

1-Decide what it is you want to commit/ focus on and then write it down (put it somewhere you will see often)

2-Surround yourself with Tools that will support you in this commitment as well as  Inspiration and reminders (Images, phrases oh and people virtually or in person!

3-Tweak your environment and or routine to support what it is you are committing to. (For example if I am wanting to eat healthier, then having the ingredients and tools to do so would be helpful)

4-Break down your tasks into bite size pieces where and when necessary. We often have the mindset that when we have more time then we will… Ask yourself how you can start taking even small bits of time to create what it is you want?

5-Check in with yourself on a regular basis, how are you doing with your commitment, where are you struggling with it, where are you rocking it? And adjust where and when needed. Maybe that means getting support, new “tools” or something else. Just be honest with yourself but do not spend the entire check in on beating yourself up for where you feel you are not doing as well.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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