Creative Prompt-Mix it up

Hey Wonderful Souls!

I love creating it’s what keeps me sane and fresh with ideas… However even things you love doing can seem like a routine every once in a while. So I think it’s important to mix it up every now and again. Try something new, change up your routine, explore other hobbies etc.

I love and engage often in Photography and Visual Journaling as my Creative Self Expression/Exploration. However I have on my 36 while 36 list to try embroidery so I did this last weekend. I only did a tiny bit but it was so fun to mix it up and explore a different way to express myself and feed my creativity.  I really see myself getting into it so I bought a few inexpensive supplies this weekend to do some stitching practice!

While in the mix it up mode, I decided that my creative space needed an updating, I have been displaying my photos on a corkboard and have loved doing that, but it felt time to update the way I displayed the photos. I did and then turned that corkboard into an inspiration board. (Look for a post this next week on this if not earlier in wich I will share more of what I did, it’s still in progress!)

Mix it up by wearing a different combo in one of your “usual” outfits (we all have em, the go to outfit, the one we know works so why mess with it)

Cook something new, try a new spice, go somewhere different to eat. You get the idea, just mix it up a bit. It doesn’t mean the way you have been doing it needs to stop or is wrong, just that you want to keep it fresh!

Oh and speaking of mixing it up, I have made some updates to my blog, so if you are reading this in email or a reader then pop on over and check out the new banner and a few category buttons I created!

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



2 responses to “Creative Prompt-Mix it up

  1. The new blog looks great. Barbara

  2. Thanks Barbara!

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