Coaching Q and A-Mindset while Job Hunting

Hey Beautiful Souls! It’s Coaching Q&A time!

Q:Like so many others,  am looking for a job.  I hate it.  How can I approach the search positively (which I believe will lead to a positive outcome)?

A: First, I totally understand where you are coming from, it’s not a fun place. However it is an opportunity to sort of start over in your life at least in this way right now. Mostly what this takes is a switch of mindset when approaching your job seeking. In fact lets start there… You can switch the words from “I am Job Hunting” to I am Seeking a Job” to me that feels more like an opportunity… A few tips on shifting your mindset while Seeking a new Job! At first they may seem sort of simplistic and maybe a bit (to some people) mamby pamby. But pay that mental critic no mind, let’s get started on some easy ways to keep you motivated on swapping a mindset of dread and frustration to one of empowerment!

-Try some affirmations:  A few ideas would be: (print or write them out and put up where you will see often during the job seeking sessions)

*”I am now attracting the perfect source of income that is line with my values and gifts” (you could replace income with the word opportunity as well)

*I am grateful for each opportunity I find while seeking the perfect job for me.

*I trust that the opportunities I seek are seeking me

-Put on a power song before you start your job seeking, something that gets you in a mindset of energy and power!

-Keep yourself hydrated and fed, sometimes we can get so into the tasks (whatever it may be) that we are not properly hydrating and nourishing ourselves. And let me tell you, that just makes us more frustrated then we may have already been.

-Get up every 30-60 minutes and stretch, look outside (go outside if you can) just for 5 minutes or so. Take a deep breath and dive in again!

-Bonus Tip! Create a vision board (digital or cut and paste magazine + images) of how you want to feel, elements of the perfect job for you, what this perfect job for you will afford you (material but mostly mental , like peace of mind)

And know that you are not alone and that positive thoughts are headed your way for your to find what you are seeking.

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


PS: If you have a question you would like me to respond to email me at hstoliveinspired @ gmail .com I will not publish your name or info just your question and just think you could be helping others as well!


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