Every Day I would… Journal Prompt

Hey Beautiful Souls!

Pulled from an old magazine is this weeks prompt!

Every Day I would like to…

This list is not about obligations it’s about how you want to feel, what soul care you want to engage in. Don’t let this become a list of Shoulds or a point of stress/pressure.

Here is my list:


-Hug someone I love

-Nourish myself, my dreams




-See the beauty all around me

-Be Inspired

-Be an Inspiration

Those are some of my Every Day want to’s, what about you?

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



One response to “Every Day I would… Journal Prompt

  1. Love your list! Hey! I know where you live! Just call me anytime for a big hug. I’ll be right over, 😀

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