How to Approach a Big Goal- Coaching Q and A

Q: I have a really big goal of organizing my whole house.  What is the best way to tackle it?  Should I take small steps, or should I take big chunks?

A: I know how tempting it can be to want to dive in head first with things like this (I have been there) There are a few issues with this: We forget that it has taken us often times years or at least months of getting into the clutter/chaos etc that we have now so it’s going to take time (and patience) to get out of it. Also what happens often for projects like these is that we are feeling motivated and pumped up.. for a little while and often that motivation to the level it was can shrink then we are surrounded by even more chaos. (Many of these ideas can be applied for just about any goal)

Thats a long answer to say small steps are always better with something like this 😀

Heres why and also some tips to help you in the process.

When we approach big goals with small steps we:

A: Feel way less overwhelmed by the bigness of the tasks ahead

B: Can see the progress and feel it, basking in those victories (no matter the size)

C: Are more likely to actually complete it as small steps build on top of one another and lead into big result often!


-Make a braindump list of what needs to be done, walk around your home and see what “jumps out at you”

-Go back to that list (a few hours or days later if you can, but you don’t want  lose the motivation, so at least step away for a little bit) and then choose the area that is either: A: draining you the most, just keeps bugging you  or B: The easiest to complete area (because often when you can compete that with success it gives you  confidence for the next area and the next…)

-Ask yourself (inspired by Peter Walsh) What is my vision for this place? And consider getting rid of anything that does not fit or support that vision

-Break down each section. For example Instead of saying Declutter and Organize the Bedroom, break it down by section: Closet, Dresser, Under the Bed etc.. And there ar times where it’s helpful to break it down even more. I have a close that needs some TLC and I know I am not going to finish the entire thing in one sitting but I will take it shelf by shelf.

-Know that a little can go a long way. If you  have 15 minutes a day you will be surprised at what you can get done.

-Set the stage for it to be inspiring. Put on some music that gets you pumped up or inspired, listen to a podcast or Audio book.

-Keep yourself hydrated and fed well. Oh and get up and stretch every now and then

If you have a Coaching Question for me that you would like me to Answer  (or want a follow-up or more ideas for this question)  please leave a comment or email me hstoliveinspired @ gmail. com

Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered



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